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No matter your industry, ChaseIT can provide you with secure and reliable IT solutions

Small Business

From network protection to scalability, ChaseIT can assist your small business with every technical need to improve your workflow.


Provide exceptional care to your patients with a network that runs fast and smooth. We will also ensure that you remain HIPAA compliant.


We understand that lawyers are given incredibly sensitive information. ChaseIT will protect this while optimizing your your network and devices.


No matter if you’re a large university or a private school, we will help you provide your students with the latest and safest technology.

Car Dealerships

ChaseIT Solutions knows the ins and outs of how the auto industry is ran, in order to provide unique service catered to keeping your dealership running smoothly.

Real Estate

Have experience working with realtors, developers, and property managers. Offer solutions in order to keep their day-to-day functions running at an optimal level.


Integrate computers with AV solutions, fluid Wi-Fi for streaming and guest during services. We are able to cater to nonprofits budgets/structures, cost effective solutions.


Understand the fast-paced and always ready atmosphere of a retail/restaurant/bar establishment. Experience working with different point of sale vendors, receipt printers, to complete your retail IT needs.

We are available 24/7. No matter when or where, ChaseIT Solutions company is always prepared to assist you.