Office 365 Cloud Migration

Move Your Email, Documents, and Data to the Cloud

Office 365 Cloud Migration

We’ll make the transfer fast, easy, and secure so you can take advantage of all the apps Microsoft offers.


Not everything in your current platform may need to be transferred over, for instance, unclassified data such as duplicate emails or redundant documents. We’ll assist you in choosing what and what not to migrate over into Office 365.

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Our Migration Strategies

Lift & Shift
Usually the quickest migration approach, lift & shift is when an application is moved directly into the cloud without making any changes to it.

Basic Discovery
This strategy allows you to use tools to help organize and classify your data. Optimizing before migration makes it easier to sort your data after the process.

Compliant Discovery
Compliant discovery is one of the most thorough strategies, yet it is the most time-consuming. It’s best when there are concerns about passing security audits, sensitive information, and complete validation before migration. It’s similar to basic discovery, but it is much more detailed.