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We’re always making sure that your network is more secure than ever

Risk Audit

Every year, we perform and audit that reports details on any gaps that are currently missing in your security.

Vulnerability Scanning

Every quarter, we run a vulnerability scan that reports vulnerabilities. It also helps you meet insurance and compliance requirements.

Secure Sign-On

Drastically improve security with a multi-step authentication, such as verifying information with a text message to your phone as well as confirming an email.


Besides being available to you 24/7, we also provide computer-based training for you and your employees. To test how well you all are doing, we can also send fake phishing emails to see if employees will open them.

Don’t Become a Victim of Cybercrime

As technology continues to rapidly improve and grow, so does the risk of experiencing cybercrime. Many small to medium businesses today don’t have the necessary security features they need to protect themselves, and hackers will target these businesses. To prevent yourself from becoming a target, ChaseIT will ensure your business is properly equipped with up-to-date security features.

Along with protecting your network, we will also make sure you are compliant with today’s data security regulations as well as consumer privacy policies. This will help you avoid fines and will keep your business safe from consumer risks and data breaches.

We are available 24/7. No matter when or where, ChaseIT is always prepared to assist you.