Protection from Viruses, Hackers, and Phishing


Prevent your network from ransomware, key-loggers, email hacks and more.

Hardware and WAP Included

Our firewall service provides you with the hardware, so you don’t need to purchase it again in the future. It always stays up to date and comes with a full warranty. We also provide you with one Wireless Access Point (WAP) with more available for purchase.

Perimeter Antivirus Protection

Adding both malware and antivirus protection to your firewall increases your security. Adding extra layers of protection prevents future serious hacks and viruses.

Intrusion Prevention

We constantly monitor your network’s traffic, and your Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is updated frequently to prevent unwanted intrusions.

Web Filtering

Some websites pose serious security risks to your network. Hackers exploit your network when a user unknowingly goes to a site and infects your network. Our service can block such sites that can potentially expose your business.

Security and Monitoring

With standard firewall hardware, you usually will never know if you have a potential hacker. With our firewall service, we are always monitoring visitors and are notified if your firewall is ever triggered by key alerts. Every month, we will also provide you with a detailed security report about your network activity.

Benefits of a Firewall Service

  • Save Money

    Buying multiple technologies can be costly and hard to maintain on your own. With a firewall service, you get up-front savings and no worries about purchasing or maintaining any hardware.

  • 24/7 Help

    We have extensive knowledge and experience with firewalls. We will maintain yours around the clock and will be available to you anytime to troubleshoot problems you may have.

  • Updated Security

    If you don’t install the latest firewall updates, you’re risking your business. As more cyber threats are created, more updates are needed. Our firewall service uses monitoring tools to ensure you’re always protected with the newest updates. 

  • Reports

    With our firewall service, we will provide you will detailed reports on what threats your company faces. Then, we will determine solutions to eliminate these threats and more.