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Managed IT Services

As your IT managers, ChaseIT will save your business time, ensure you’re using today’s updated technology, provide security and more.

Cloud Network

No matter what device you’re using and where you’re using it, get access to all of your apps, documents and settings in one place.


Don’t become a victim of cybercrime. Let ChaseIT protect your network and ensure you’re compliant with data security regulations.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

If you were to ever lose your data, a backup and recovery plan should be in place. Our bulletproof solutions will protect your data with flexible backups followed by speedy restorations.


From provided hardware to detailed reports, our firewall experts will protect your network from ransomware, email hacks and more.

Office 365

If you’re looking to transfer to a robust cloud solution hosted by Microsoft, we will assist you with 24/7 support and configuration for Office 365.

Computer Repair

If your computer isn’t running normally or needs to be physically fixed, don’t turn to purchasing a new one so fast. We’ll repair it so that it’s working again at an affordable cost.

We are available 24/7. No matter when or where, ChaseIT Solutions company is always prepared to assist you.