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Cloud Network

No matter where or what device, keep the look and feel of your desktop

Single Sign-On

Logging into your Cloud Network and Microsoft Office 365 is simple with the use of only one password. You can also increase security by extending your policy management.

Access from Any Device

Whether you’re using your tablet or laptop, you will always have access to the same files and applications. This allows you to print documents or email files and attachments from wherever and whenever.

Microsoft Office 365

Add Microsoft Office 365, which is included in the Microsoft Cloud Network, to improve collaboration and productivity from anywhere. You’ll have access to all of your important files and documents through Microsoft Hosted Exchange. You’ll also be able to easily sync files with Sharepoint and One Drive, so you won’t have to worry about maintaining a local email server.

Benefits of a Cloud Network


Have the ability to access all of your data from any device at anytime


Enhance your backup and recovery plan


Increase productivity with developing applications


One centralized network that contains all of your servers, applications, files and more


Reduce your server costs and storage


Improve your protection towards security and data

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