Small Business

Partner with ChaseIT for Your Business Needs

Small Business

You can depend on ChaseIT to provide the IT services you need, from network protection to physical computer repairs.

Network Protection

Viruses can physically damage your computer and can send your personal information, such as passwords, out to potential hackers. We will ensure that your network is always protected and free from hackers, spam, and other viruses with our cyber security.

Backups & Recovery

It is very important to have a backup strategy in place if the event of a disaster were to happen. We can provide a backup schedule as often and flexible as you need. If you ever need to recover any lost data, we can also easily and quickly restore this information to any device.


We want all of your software and equipment to run smoothly. If you need to integrate equipment that you use daily with your phone, tablet, or computer, we can seamlessly do that for you.


If you ever need to add new users, locations, or applications, we can easily do that for you. We understand that businesses grow, so we can always safely and efficiently build upon your network.

Cloud Network

If you need to transfer from working on a desktop to your mobile phone, we can make sure you have access to your files and documents whenever and wherever you are with your cloud network. Logging into your cloud network is very simple with the use of single sign-on, making it even easier for you to log into any device using only one password. If you want, you can also increase security by extending your policy management.

Computer Repairs

If your computer is running loudly, too slow, or is experiencing any other problem, we can run a diagnostic to determine the specific problem and fix it fast. We can also remove viruses, recover data after a crash, and provide physical repairs for your computer to get it running back to normal.