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Ensure that your medical network is always running fast and smoothly

Network Protection

Viruses can physically damage your computer and can send your personal information, such as passwords, out to people. We will make sure that your network is always protected and free from hackers, spam and other viruses. We will also make sure that you are complying with HIPAA standards.

Backups & Recovery

It is very important to have a backup strategy in place if the event of a disaster were to happen. We can provide a backup schedule as often and flexible as you need. If you ever need to recover any lost data, we can also easily and quickly restore this information to any device.


We want all of your software and equipment to run smoothly. From imaging and testing systems to your computers, we will help integrate them seamlessly so that you can provide the best patient care.


If you ever need to add new users, locations, or applications, we can easily do that for you. We understand that practices grow, so we can always safely and efficiently build upon your network.

Enhance Patient Experience Safely and Efficiently with Current Practices

When ChaseIT works for you, we enhance the experience for your patients and ensure your practice is running as smoothly as possible. We understand that not every healthcare setting is the same, so our services are tailored to your specific needs. We take a proactive approach before potential problems arise.

If you are concerned about passing a HIPAA or HITECH audit, you won’t have to worry with us. Healthcare practices today depend on evolving technology to handle their patients’ data. There are also many legal regulatory requirements when it comes to safely protecting patients’ personal and sensitive data. ChaseIT is always up-to-date on current practices and will ensure you pass these audits.

Just a few ways on how we assist your practice:

24/7 Monitoring with Alerts
Resolving Issues Automatically with A.I.
Managed Endpoint Protection
Training Staff with the Latest Technology
Informing You with Current Compliance Strategies
System Integrations for Billing, EHR and more

We are available 24/7. No matter when or where, ChaseIT Solutions company is always prepared to assist you.